To access our online service, please click here.

This link will take you to, and will prompt you to download Zoom if you don’t have it. Follow the simple installation prompts, and you will soon be set up to participate in our service on Sunday. If you have problems, please click the links below (in the circles) for your computer or phone type for assistance. For your convenience, we have included a short video tutorial near the bottom of the page.

To test your Zoom connection, go here: 

If you should have trouble installing or activating Zoom on your computer, you may also view the service in a browser. In the download window there is a link stating "If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser." 

For help installing Zoom prior to Sunday’s service, please email If you email on Sunday morning, we will set up assistance for you after the service is finished.

Video Tutorial

This short tutorial will walk you through joining a Zoom meeting by downloading and running the Zoom launcher.

In the Zoom meeting window, you will see several options along the bottom. You will join our service in the default muted mode. Feel free to unmute yourself (the microphone icon) to join in the music by singing or humming along. You may also click on the chat button to submit prayer requests or to participate in the service when invited to do so. 

To test your Zoom connection, go here: 

Email if you have further difficulties.