Our Vision

“Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out treasures old and new.” (Matthew 13:52)

We are a joyful people, formed by Christ and instructed by his Word and example. We are committed to expressing God's love and care for all. We trust God to guide and empower us to be the Body of Christ.

We sense that God is calling us to be reformed for God's work. For us, this means a renewed focus and intensified effort in:

Inclusiveness and Participation in Worship

Our worship will invite and seek to include the voices and gifts of all our peopleno matter their age, temperament, or education. In order to be such a congregation, we will broaden our current musical styles, plan liturgies and create worship environments that address all the senses, employ different rhythms and movements, and encourage the active participation of all worshippers.

Christian Formation and Nurture

We will educate people of all ages and across the spectrum of faith developmentfrom seekers to mature Christiansby offering different levels of ongoing spiritual formation. In doing so, we will be more intentional about training and inspiring youth, so that as they grow in Christ they "dream dreams," engage in service, and assume leadership responsibilities with the rest of the congregation.

Mission-Directed Outreach

Our worship, fellowship, and educational efforts will all have an outward thrust: to proclaim the good news of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ and to serve our neighbors, our community, and the world in the name of Christ. For this purpose, we will be more conscientious in training our membership in evangelism, and in organizing outreach efforts that will attract and welcome many new people into the body of Christ.

Ecumenical Collaboration

In worship, fellowship, and service we will express unity in Christ, and collaborate with new and existing congregations and ministries. We will lead and embrace opportunities for worship with Christians from other churches, denominations, nations, and ethnic groups.