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    2017-06-18 "A New Heaven and Earth"

    We bring the Narrative Lectionary to a a close, our journey from Genesis to Revelation, with the closing vision of John--a new heaven and a new earth.
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    2017-07-09 "Father Abraham"

    Paul has a rather long chapter on Abraham. Many preachers in a series on Romans skip this chapter because it seems obscure. But it is a major point on how Jews and gentiles can live together in the Church of Rome in the first century. This is important for all God's beloved today.
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    2017-07-16 "Peace with God"

    The most important issue for the Christian is peace with God. We seek peace in many wrong places, but we will never have peace unless we have peace with God. That peace can sustain us in very difficult circumstances. Three small packages--a grammar conjunction, a footnote, and a small but important verse, lead us into the way that we can we have peace with God.
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    2017-07-23 "Paul's Roadside Sign"

    We see the home spun road-side sign, "The Wages is sin is death." Quite frankly as a preacher of the gospel I wonder whether this does more harm that good. Context and the metaphors of the chapter can be helpful for us to not be ashamed of the gospel and this important verse in the New Testament.
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    2017-08-06 "God's Yes to Our No"

    Romans chapter 8 marks a turning point in Paul's letter. To our no is God's yes. We consider the yes of God in regard to condemnation, creation, and that we are more than conquerors.
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    2017-08-13 "Are God's Promises Reliable?"

    Paul wrestles in Romans 9-11 with why Israel is not coming to faith in Jesus while the Gentiles are coming to faith. Many Christians treat this is as a sidebar, but it is at the center and heart of the Book of Romans. We want to know are God's promises reliable?
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    2017-08-27 "Romans 13 in the News"

    Surprisingly the newspapers have been carrying on a debate about Romans 13 in relation to tensions on the Korean Peninsula. We examine Romans 13 then and now as a Christian citizen of the state. We can't get away from politics when the Bible directly addresses the issue.
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    2017-09-03 The Weak and the Strong

    Romans 14 and 15 deal with the theme of the weak and the strong. In the first century this was over the eating of certain foods ans specific worship days. Paul's message in principle applies to every Christian of forming one's conscience before God but also recognizing the needs of one's brother or sister in Christ.
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    2017-09-17 "70 x 7"

    Matthew 18 is the great chapter on the church. If we live long enough together we will have some difficulties and hurts. But Jesus gives us a way to forgive and to grow even closer together. We are to forgive 70 x 7.
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    2017-09-24 "God Beyond the Vineyard"

    Yes the parable at first reading is about the workers in the vineyard, but a further reading leads us to consider the owner of the vineyard who is resourceful and spends more time outside the vineyard. What does that tell us about God?
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    2017-10-08b'CliffsNotes Parable"

    Many of us honestly acknowledge in school that we used CliffNotes. Jesus' parable of the wicked tenants, while in many ways a difficult parable to interpret, is a CliffNotes version of God's relationship with his people--past, present, and future.
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    2017-10-15 "The Christian Dress Code"

    The parable of the wedding banquet is interesting because of Matthew's ending of a fellow who comes to the wedding without his wedding garments. He is thrown out by the king. What is doing on here, especially in an age when we want to affirm inclusion?