“For I am longing to see you so that I may share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen you—or rather so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.”  (Romans 1:11-12)

Third Reformed Church seeks to live out its call to Know Christ and Make Christ known not just locally but also globally.  Our primary vehicle for empowering that vision is through our Mission Co-Workers.  Mission Co-Workers are appointed by the Reformed Church in America to serve in partnership with indigenous organizations around the world in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We also partner with organizations that seek to fulfill this vision on a global scale through a specialized ministry.

Partnership with International Department at Hope College:

Members of our congregation hosts a student from the International Department at Hope College meeting once a month for coffee to support and encourage students in the United States.  We welcome international students as a part of our worship life each Sunday.  The local congregation becomes a place of international dialogue, support, and witness right in Holland, MI.

Our Mission Co-Workers

Third Reformed Church has a long history of supporting mission co-workers through the Reformed Church in America denomination.

Jaime Amaro, Oaxaca, Mexico
Martha Amaro, Oaxaca, Mexico
Martha and Jaime Amaro became Christians when they heard the gospel from a missionary. Now doing mission work themselves, the Amaros help the Presbyterian Church in Mexico by providing training workshops for the Children and Worship program. They have a vision to see the Children and Worship program in use throughout Mexico within three years. The Amaros also do translating work; they have been translating "Growing in the Faith" discipleship materials into Spanish, which are used to train church leaders. The Amaros have two children, Jaime Jr. and Alex.


Linn G, Asia

The Church of South India is comprised of more than 4 million members, most of whom are Dalits (people previously referred to as the "untouchables"). As a mission consultant, Linn Gann build bridges between the Church of South India, RCA churches, businesses, and individuals to provide programs and services that quip and empower the Dalits, many of whom are unemployed or living below the poverty level. Linn focuses on developing programs in education, micro-enterprise, skills training and job creation, and promoting a culture of mutual respect. Linn has been working in India since 2004. She previously served in Bosnia and Croatia, training refugees in micro-enterprise projects. 

Wayne and Miho Jansen, Japan

Tokyo Union Theological Seminary (TUTS) trains pastors for congregations of the United Church of Japan (Kyodan). As a homeroom teacher for the freshman class, Wayne Jansen gets to know newcomers to the seminary and provides pastoral care for them through their time at TUTS. He also works with the seminary's Clinical Pastoral Education program. Miho Jansen has a degree in linguistics and has taught English in Japan and Japanese at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Miho teaches English part-time at a Christian high school, helps the faculty and staff translate articles and documents, and often entertains students and church members at home. Miho and Wayne met at a worship service at Yokohama Union Church in 1986. They have twin sons, Manato Thomas and Megumu David. 


Albino and Sandy Rodriguez, Peru

Working in Peru Sandy parnters with La Casa del Maestro, which seeks to equip and empower indigenous youth in Southern Peru. This is accomplished through a holistic and sustainable discipleship program that recognizes the true source of life and salvation in Christ. Youth learn to navigate the modern world, provide for themselves, and contribute to society in order to bring about generational change.

Rowland, Jr. and Jane Van Es,
St. Paul's University in Limuru, Kenya, is an international and ecumenical institution that prepares men and women for ministry in the Chrisitan church and in society. Founded in 1903 as a divinity school, St. Paul's recently expanded to become a Christian university. In addition to doing theological studies, students can now earn a bachelor's degree in business administration. Rowland Van Ed Jr., who has training in economics and theology, teaches in both departments. Jane Van Es teaches sociology and psychology at the bachelor's level and assists with the master's-level program in pastoral care and HIV/AIDS. Rowland and Jane served previously in Sierra Leone, Malawi, and the Gambia. They have two daughters, Jenna and Michelle. 

Jeff and Chelsea Lampen, Romania

 Romania is a new field for the RCA. Jeff and Chelsea Lampen have been appointed to work with the New Horizons Foundation, an outreach to youth in Romania.  Jeff and Chelsea graduated recently from Western Theological Seminary and will be pursuing ordination in their respective classes. The Lampens have a daughter, Lorelei, who will be accompanying them to Romania.  Jeff spent one year serving the Roma in Hungary, with the Hungarian Reformed Church, and Chelsea spent three months in Romania serving and getting to know New Horizon's work with youth through educational and community development models of engagement.

Lubna Younas, Pakistan

Lubna Younas teaches Old Testament at the St. Thomas Theological College in Karachi, Pakistan.  She waited many years to go to seminary receiving training in South Korea and then a Masters in Theology Degree at Western Seminary in Holland, MI in 2017.  Lubna worshiped with us for a year at Third Reformed Church and during that time we got to know her and to share the Christian faith together.  She is the first female theological professor in a Protestant seminary in Pakistan.  Through this relationship, the United Church of Pakistan and the Reformed Church have joined in a church partnership for the first time in history.

Malawi Chilren's Feeding Program:  Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian Nkhoma Synod  The church has had an interest in orphan ministry in Africa because of a number of members of the congregation who have participated in personal mission experiences in Africa.  In the past year, the Reformed Church in America has developed a partnership with the Malawi Children's Feeding Program which is particularly responding to the number of children without parents because of HIV/AIDS.  We are hoping to learn more about this ministry in the coming year as we develop this new partnership for our church.


Global Partners 

Words of Hope: We partner with Words of Hope because of their commitment in communicating the gospel to unreached people groups.  Through radio ministry and the latest advances in media Words of Hope shares the gospel in some of the most isolated places in the world by partnering with indigenous churches, missions, and local organizations.  https://woh.org/

Aqua Clara: Water is the worlds most precious resource and people in under-developed countries often have a difficult time accessing clean drinking water.  Aqua Clara is using brand new technology to clean and purify water using primarily indigenous materials.  http://aquaclara.org/

Personal Energy Transportation (PET):  Physically handicapped people from across the world can often lack the dignity and respect of those around them because they are confined to the ground.  PET seeks to empower and bring dignity to such people in under-developed countries through Personal Energy Transportation systems that are equipped for travel on diverse surfaces.  For more information go to: http://petinternational.org/

Bread for the World: Bread for the World is a political advocacy organziation that seeks to be a voice for the voiceless on Capital Hill.  They advocate for those in poverty in the United States and worldwide seeking to provide all people with the opportunity to a well balanced meal.  http://www.bread.org/