“We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us — and we ought to lay down our lives for one another.”  (I John 3:16)

Third Reformed Church has various ministries that encourage congregational members to nurture their faith with God and to develop the body of Christ in the fellowship of a smaller group.


 Wednesday Morning Men's Groups

Sunrise Saints:  6:30 AM over breakfast in the fellowship hall.  A study of a variety of books on Christian beliefs and practices. The fall session ends on Wednesday, September 9. Men’s Bible Study:  6:15 AM in the Conference Room.  A Bible study with many issues and topics of discussion.

Women's Ministries

The purpose of WMTR is to unite all women of the church in a fellowship of worship, education, and service so that there may be a deepening of spiritual life, a developing of concern for both the spiritual and physical welfare of the women of the church and an increased devotion to the cause of local and world missions.

Community Life

Fellowship activites are scheduled throughout the year such as bowling, church picnic after Labor Day, children's day, Pizza Lunch the third Sunday of each month.  The Block Party with St. Francis Roman Catholic Church is the last Tuesday of August.

"What's for Dinner?" is organized a few times a year on a Friday night at members' homes to get better acquainted.

Young Hearts: (meeting of the Retirees at Third Church)

WHO:  This group is open to any member or friend of Third who is "retired" or consider themselves "retired."

WHEN:  The group meets usually 5 times a year on the 4th Thursday of April, May, June, and October, and on the 1st Thursday of December in the Fellowship Hall.

PURPOSE:  The time together includes shared Christian fellowship around a delicious meal, and followed by an informational and mind stretching program presented by members of Third or Holland community members.  The cost is approximately $5.00

PROJECT:  For about twenty years, this groups has collected used US and foreign postage stamps from church members.  The proceeds provide resources for Wycliffe personnel and their families who need help in unplanned and unbudgeted situations.

RESERVATIONS:  To make a reservation call the church office by Monday before the meeting at 392-1459, or if you have questions contact Mark Walvoord, or Dee Bechtel, Coordinator of Congregational Care.

Other Events in the Year:

Winter Retreat in March:  The church has an inter-generational retreat in March in northern Michigan.












 The Congregational Elder Care System

Each family of the church is placed in an elder care quadrant.  The elders respond to congregational members in times of joy and sorrow.